Guildford Town Centre Pub Walk

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The Brittania Guildford Town Centre Pub Walk
Pub Name The Brittania (Website here)
Location Guildford, GU2 4BE
Nearest Town Guildford
Walk Details
Time to Walk 1 hour 45 minutes
Gradient One small hill otherwise quite flat
Terrain Easy to moderate – some muddy paths
Walk Type Circular
Livestock on Walk Yes – cows
Water on route for dogs Yes
Loopy Dog Notes Cows and one point is near the road
Pub Facilities
Dog Friendly Dogs allowed everywhere – bowls, treats and beds provided
Food Served Yes
Average Drinks Prices Pint approx £4-£5
Average Food Prices 10oz Rump Steak £15.95
Vegan / Vegetarian Options Yes 
Number of Vegan Options 2 – Chef’s Buddha Bowl (£10.95) & Vegan Cheese Burger (£9.95)


PARKING – There is pay and display parking in front of the pub in Millmead car park – charges can be found on the government website – here.

THE PUB – The pub is fully dog friendly and offers dog treats, water as well as beds for your dog – you will often find lots of four legged friends in here! There is a small courtyard at the back and board games which you can play.

CRAZY DOG NOTES – There are a number of fields with cows in on this walk. You may also come close to a road and near an electric fence if you take the route which doesn’t retrace your steps along the canal.

WATER – There is lots of water points for the first half of the walk, but none on the second half.

THE WALK: The start of the walk can be found on the other side of the car park in front of the pub – take the bridge over the river and then turn right to follow the river along.

Continue along this path until you have crossed the bridge over the weir and then take the right hand fork. You will pass through a field containing picnic benches. Once you come to the end turn right and go over the bridge to take the path which follows along the canal.

Dog next to canalContinue along the towpath and you will pass over a stream which is a great place for your dog to drink and paddle. A bit further along the path you will pass under a bridge and just after this is another great place for dogs to swim. You will then come to a lock, pass over the bridge just before the lock and then turn right.

This field as well as the next few after this contain cows, so take care if your dog is unsure of these.The path eventually goes in front of a house and around a bend then across another bridge. Bear left once you enter the field and you will come across a boardwalk. Join the boardwalk and then go slightly up the hill and turn left. 

Dog on boardwalk

Stroll through this field and follow the main path through the trees. There is a path which goes off to the right, this leads to The Seahorse Pub (Dogs allowed in the bar and you can reserve a table in the ‘dog friendly area’ if you would like to eat) if you fancy stopping for a drink, otherwise continue straight on and you will eventually come across Thames Waterworks. There is a road going to this so you may want to put your dog back on the lead here.

Pass in front of the waterworks and rejoin the path on the other side. You will go through the trees and then come out into Shalford Park. This is a great field for your dog to have a run on but be careful of any sports, games or events which might be taking place during your visit. The road also runs alongside the right hand side of the field so you might want to be careful of this too.

Follow the edge of the field to the left and then about halfway along the field you will see a path heading into the woods on the left. Follow this and cross over the bridge and then you will be back at the canal. You have two options here – you can either turn left, cross over the bridge and then turn right to retrace your steps to The Britannia, or you can turn right and take the route along the other side of the canal. 

Dog running in fieldIf you choose to go right, you will come to a gate and then will enter a field with cows in. You will see an electric fence on the left hand side of the field, if you would prefer to follow the bank of the canal you can go through the gate and along the towpath – no cows are able to get into here. Be careful of the fence though! It is live and will give you or your dog a shock if you touch it. Alternatively you can follow the path to the right and through the middle of the field. Both of these paths eventually join at the far edge of the field.

Once you have left the field follow the lane – you may want to put your dog back on a lead here as you are close to the road. Once you get to the road follow it for a few metres and then take the bridge on the left to go back into the field with all the picnic benches in. 

Retrace your steps from here by going through the field, over the weir and then left across the bridge and you will find yourself back at The Brittania Pub.