Runnymede Egham Pub Walk

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A Woody Walk behind The White Hart
Pub Name Bar 163 (Website here)
Location 163 High Street, Egham, TW20 9HP
Nearest Town Egham
Walk Details
Time to Walk 1 hour 15 minutes
Gradient Some hills – can also choose a steep or flatter walk option for last part of walk
Terrain Dirt paths – can be muddy in winter
Walk Type Circular
Livestock on Walk Yes, cows in some fields
Water on route for dogs Yes, a water troughs at 10 minutes and 20 minutes
Loopy Dog Notes Cows in some fields
Pub Facilities
Dog Friendly Dogs very welcome in all areas
Food Served Yes
Average Drinks Prices Draught Peroni £4.75. 175ml wine £4.95
Average Food Prices Burger £13.50
Vegan / Vegetarian Options Yes, but limited – check menu
Number of Vegan Options Limited


PARKING – There is a large pay and display car park in the town centre behind Tesco’s. It is free on Sunday’s and bank holidays, and Tesco will refund any shoppers which visit them. Otherwise charges apply. Egham library car park sometimes offers free parking.

THE PUBBar 163 isn’t technically a pub but a lovely restaurant which is fully dog friendly, has friendly staff and serves great food. It has a great courtyard which is lovely for the sunny days, but also lots of seating inside too.

CRAZY DOG NOTES – There is a busy road running alongside the first field so just be careful your dog doesn’t go too close to this. And of course the cows might be a problem for some dogs. Otherwise this is a nice walk away from roads.

WATER – There are water troughs at the end of the first field about ten minutes in and also water troughs at the end of the third field. In winter there is some water underneath the board walk crossing from the  second to the third field.

THE WALK –  Bar 163 is a ten minute walk away from Runnymede through Egham town centre – turn right out of Bar 163 and follow the high street along until you reach Hummer Road. Turn left here and continue straight until Egham Bypass. Cross the bypass and you will find Runnymede and the start of the walk on the other side of the road. 

Dogs playing in fieldMany of the fields in Runnymede have cows grazing in them, so do watch out for this if your dog isn’t very good around cows. Understandably there is also a lot of cow poo around. The cows are very used to dogs and so do not seem to bother even when dogs pass close to them, but of course be as careful as possible when crossing a  field with livestock in.

Continue on the path in the centre of the field towards the gate. The footpath goes slightly to the right here a bit closer to the road but you should be able to get through this gate okay, otherwise you might need to go round. Next to the gate is some water troughs for the cows to drink from, but your dog can also take a sip if needed. They are quite high off the floor so you may need to lift smaller dogs if they are unable to access the water. 

Dogs walking through fieldTake a left once on the other side of the gate and go through the kissing gate part way up the side of the field. Cross the boardwalk and turn right once you are in the next field. Make your way along the side of the field to the gate at the top – there is another water trough here if your dog would like another drink. 

Go through the kissing gate and then you have the option to add a detour to your walk. As Runnymede was the site of the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, there are a few memorials and art pieces around Runnymede which you might find of interest. One of them is along the path to the right – go through the kissing gate and along the path to the round building. This is an art installation which contains a reflection pool and some words from Clause 39. It is a nice peaceful place to visit and will take less than 10 minutes to walk to.

Dogs running up stairsIf you decide to continue on the walk, or after you have completed the detour, take the steps in front of you up the hill. There is also the option to go left here if you would like a flatter walk which takes you along the bottom of the woods. Once you are at the top of the steps (there are quite a few of them) bear left and continue along this path. You will have a large bank on your right and eventually pass a large gate. Shortly after this you will come back out into the first field which you walked in. This is also where the flatter path will join.  

Cross the field staying in the centre and you will come to where you entered from Egham Bypass. Retrace your steps down Hummer Road and turn right onto the High Street to return to Bar 163.

Dogs licking each other