Tilford River Pub Walk

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A Bumble from the Barley Mow
Pub Name The Barley Mow (website here)
Location Tilford, Farnham GU10 2BU
Nearest Town Farnham
Walk Details
Time to Walk 2 hours
Gradient Some moderate hills
Terrain Easy and Smooth
Walk Type Circular
Livestock on Walk Yes
Water on route for dogs Yes
Pub Facilities
Dog Friendly Yes
Food Served Yes
Average Drinks Prices ? TBC
Average Food Prices Fish & Chips £14.50
Vegan / Vegetarian Options Yes
Number of Vegan Options 3 from £10 to £15


PARKING – There are no parking restrictions on the roads around the village green and some off-road spots adjacent to the green.

THE PUB – This is a great pub with a large beer garden backing on to the river Wey. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on lead.

CRAZY DOG NOTES – Many of the paths are multi-purpose use and can be used for horses and cycling as well, so watch out for these if your dog has a problem with them. There are fields with cows present at the start of the walk and the walk passes through some farms and stables.  There are short sections of road to negotiate at the start, middle and end of the walk but the majority is away from main roads.  

WATER – This walk has a small river about an hour into the walk which dogs can drink from and paddle in. There are then multiple points along the river to drink from for the latter part of the walk. 

THE WALK – Setting off from the pub head left towards the single track bridge with the village green on the right hand side. Cross the bridge and continue next to the road for approximately 50m. On the left is a sign-posted public footpath between the field and a set of cottages. Follow the footpath for 500m gently up the hill. The field with cows present is on the left for the majority of this section and could easily be entered by small to medium sized dogs. If your dog is fond of chasing livestock then it would be best to keep him/her on the lead for this part. 

Field close to walkAt the top of the hill is an access track to some stables. Turn left on to the access track and pass the stables on the right hand side and follow the footpath straight ahead at the end of the track. After approx. 100m there is a fork in the footpath. Take the left path and continue through the woods for another 500m. There is a road, Sheep Hatch Lane, at the end of this section so once you start heading down hill it could be worth putting your dog on lead if their recall is not the best.

At the road turn left, cross over the river bridge and follow Sheep Hatch Lane along for approx. 500m to the junction with Tilford Road. Cross over Tilford Road at the junction and follow the sign-posted footpath, straight ahead, into the woods.  

Follow the footpath for approx. 800m through heath land and woodland. At the end of this section is another road – The Reeds Road. So again, it may be best to keep your four-legged family member on lead at the end of this section. 

Cross The Reeds Road and follow the sign-posted footpath down a farm access track. Bear left and follow the footpath at the end of the track. The footpath continues from the end of the track into woodland and heath land. Follow the footpath for approx. 1km to Pierrepont Home Farm. This is no longer a working farm but with some businesses present it may be worthwhile putting pooch back on the lead in case of vehicles. In the farm head left between the farm buildings and follow the path for 250m down to the river Wey. This is a lovely, picturesque spot to stop and let your dog paddle/drink. 

Once at the river, cross the footbridge and follow the path straight up the hill. After approx. 300m you will reach a T-junction where an access track meets the footpath. Dog swimming in riverThe access track is not well used and therefore you are very unlikely to come across a vehicle on this track. Turn left down the access track and follow through the woodland for approx. 800m. Turn through the swing gate and follow the path down to the farm. At the farm turn left and follow the access track for approx. 200m. Turn left through the swing gate into the woodland. The path then follows the river Wey back towards Tilford. There are plenty of places for your dog to take a dip or have a drink of water through this section. After approx. 600m the path re-enters Tilford. There is a main road at the end of this section so once you are at the large house next to the river on your left, it may be a good time to put your dog back on the lead. 

At the end of the path you will see the village green and pub straight ahead.