Whitmoor Common Pub Walk

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A Jovial Jaunt from the Jolly Farmer
Pub Name The Jolly Farmer
Location Worplesdon, GU3 3RN
Nearest Town Guildford
Walk Details
Time to Walk 1 hour 15 mins
Gradient Flat
Terrain Easy and Smooth
Walk Type Circular
Livestock on Walk No
Water on route for dogs Yes
Pub Facilities
Dog Friendly In the bar area
Food Served Yes
Average Drinks Prices ? TBC
Average Food Prices ?
Vegan / Vegetarian Options ?
Number of Vegan Options ?

PARKING – A large car park can be found at the side of the pub

THE PUB  – A nice country pub at the edge of the common which allows dogs inside the bar. This is quite a small area but does have a few tables in it. It also has an enclosed beer garden which is nice to sit in and quite large.

CRAZY DOG NOTES – Some horsepoo and deer around, and a bridlepath along one side of the common. This also is next to a railway line and the fence is quite old with gaps in it so be cautious near here, but this walk doesn’t take you along here.

WATER – There is a stream which medium and larger dogs will be able to access (and some braver smaller ones) around 20 minutes in, and also water next to the boardwalk in winter. There is a pond about 1hr into the walk which is easily accessible for all dogs. 

THE WALK – From the pub car park, head directly away from the road into the field which is at the edge of the common.

Dog on footpath1. Once you are on the field, bear left and take the path leading into the woods. Walk along here for a short distance and then take the first right and then the next right turn. This path has trees on your right and tall ferns on the left (probably depending on what time of year you visit).

2. You will come on onto  quiet lane facing a couple of houses, be aware of any cars which might be accessing these. Bear left and continue past the houses keeping them on your left hand side.

Dog on Bridge3. Depending on how wet it has been, there is sometimes a creek here on your right which most dogs will be able to splash in. Continue alongside the creek to the end of the track and then take a left across the bridge. This is a bit rickety but there is shallow water underneath which your dog can drink and paddle in. The sides are quite steep though so smaller or more nervous dogs may not be keen to go in.

4. The path then continues along a boardwalk through a wetland area. During the winter there is usually water on either side which can be quite deep. Your dog might love this but be careful if you Dog on Boardwalkstep off! There is a bench at the end of the boardwalk here where you might like to take time to relax and enjoy the nature around you. 

5. Where the path splits turn right and continue along the main sandy path.
There is a small pond shortly down this path just before the gorse closes in although again this is weather dependent.

6. Follow along the path taking the right hand bend. On the right you will see open heathland and gorse and woodland to your left. At the crossroads take the first right and continue straight passing another bench on your right. Some bits at the end of this path can be a bit boggy expecially during the winter months. There are some planks and logs to help you avoid getting too muddy though.

7. After you enter the woods bear right over the bridge – again the dogs can paddle here but it’s a bit steeper to get into. Smaller/nervous dogs might struggle a bit to get in here.

Dog passing through style in woods8. Bear right then stay on the main path to the left. Go through the style past the house on your right and turn right immediately after the garage keeping on the path next to the house. This is fenced so your dog will be unable to go in but again be aware that cars could be coming and going to access the house.

9. Take the next left past the car barrier and you will shortly pass a lake on your left which is great for dogs to swim in with a gently sloping shore into the water. Continue past the lake keeping it your left and cross the small bridge following the path straight on into the woods.

10. Take the right hand fork and then pass back in front of the houses to rejoin the path on the other side. Retrace your steps back to the car park by crossing through the woods then taking a left turn, followed by another left turn at the end of the path.