Dog with View at Newlands Corner

New Dog on the Block!

25th June 2019

My two legged humans have always known that they wanted to have a dog as part of the family, and this became a reality in June 2018 when they came and collected me. 

My name is Holly, and I am a black Cocker Spaniel who lives in Guildford. I am very cute (if I must say so myself), with lots of energy and a big floppy tongue which likes to flap everywhere when I’m doing something exciting.

Being new to Surrey and all, we have been learning about all of the fun things to do in the county which do not have any problem with dogs joining in. I can’t believe how prejudiced people can be sometimes!! Its not as if I would deliberately get my paws all over a restaurant’s nice tablecloth is it? Its only if they put tasty, delicious smelling, its-just-too-hard-to-resist food on the table! Its not my fault!!

Anyway, we have looked for the best places to go and tried to put them all together on this website so that they are easy to find. We have spent hours trawling websites without finding what we are looking for (well, I slept for most of this but somebody did it), so we hope you will find this website useful.

As socialisation is really important, especially for puppies (I LOVE making new friends!!), we have included a web page on places that you can go to meet other puppies, free of charge.  For both four and two legged ones, we have included a page on the best dog friendly pub walks we have tried which might give you some idea of where you can go and get a nice drink as well as a lovely walk. We have included a page on dog agility clubs and training groups (mum thinks I will love agility so has done a lot of research into these), and we will add general training groups and other specialist training soon. And we have also looked for fun days out where pooches can come along too so these might give you ideas of things to do, especially on rainy days.

We hope you find our website useful and enjoy getting out and about in Surrey. Do get in touch via our contact page if you have any questions, or leave a comment and let us know more about who you are and what you enjoy getting up to in Surrey.

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